‘Cloud Browse’ makes cloud storage a breeze

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Cloud storage has become all the rage in 2014 with all the big companies trying to get a slice of the action. With ‘Google Drive’ offering 15 GB free space to store all your files, ‘Amazon Cloud’ offering 5 GB to store all your digital needs and ‘Dropbox’ simply trying to get you to store anything on their server. It’s hard to keep up and its hard to know which cloud service to go with anymore.

Well, thanks to the guys over at xda the issue of cloud storage is now less of a problem. One of the xda senior members has created an app named ‘Cloud Browse’ which allows users to access all cloud services and content through one simple app. This means users can take advantage of all the cloud services (and their free storage limits) and then simply load this app, enter all relevant log-in details and have all the cloud servers effectively operating as one. No more trying to decide which server to use and even better no more trying to remember which server you used to store which data.

Currently Cloud Browse supports Google Drive, DropBox, Box, OneDrive and Bitcasa with the promise of other cloud supports coming soon including Chromecast. Cloud Browse will allow users to browse their files both locally and in the cloud and also allow direct upload and download from cloud servers. So now there is no need to feel forced to remember multiple passwords and download multiple apps. There is also no more need to feel pressured into paying any one cloud server for additional storage to avoid using multiple platforms. Cloud Storage will group all your data together in one simple interface.

The app is now available to download from the play store for $3.99. Unfortunately as of yet there does not seem to be any trial or demo versions available. So for now you will have to pay first before you see if it works for you. If you are interested in giving Cloud Browse a try then head over to the play store listing. If you are still unsure and want some more information than head over to the xda listing for more information.

Source: xda-developers.com

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