Freshen up your KDE’s Plasma desktop using Evolvere icons

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Icon sets for Linux, especially for the KDE’s Plasma desktop, have usually been scarce, with not so many themes being complete nor good looking. Oxygen icon set looks and feels outdated, and Faenza and Kfaenza mods from different people over the past years gradually morphed into frankenstein projects. There have been attempts at completing icon sets that would give your desktop some crispness and freshness, but many of them, despite being well designed and though out, lack many commonly used app icons, or monochrome tray icons, or, well, take your pick, you probably went through the same experience as I did.

Some projects have decided to seize the moment and start off a new trend, deciding to definitely put an end to the Faenza era of the Linux desktop. Namely Numix, Nitrux and Moka projects (we covered all three of them in different aspects), all of them taking a different approach and which gained quite a following in the past year or two. Nitrux seems to have become a full-blown business, now creating an official icon set for the KDE project, Numix is all over the place on GTK desktops, while Moka offers a boutique project for people inclined to a more sophisticated design.



But there’s also one more project which might gain your attention. What caught my eye is the original design, which makes it really really fresh, and a ton of available icons which makes it more than complete. It’s a project called Evolvere.

Evolvere was started by Frank Souza, a designer from Brazil, and what’s best about him is that he’s very, very active and really listens to wishes coming from the community. You need an icon? Just write a comment on his Deviantart page, and chances are you’ll receive a confirmation response in a couple of hours and an update with your icons added in a matter of a week or two. The set keeps growing and improving, and it’s beautifully complemented by a plasma and qt-curve theme bearing the same name – Evolvere.

The icon set comes in different variations – default, black, green, blue and Ubuntu version. Each of these is also available in two versions, one with more washed up colors, and one with more vivid colors. The dark fallback is also fully functional, if you use dark panels instead of the lighter Evolvere theme.
I haven’t managed to find a donation link, so it seems that for the time being his only revenue is using the links, and he’s doing it for fun. And I for one thank him for that.

Anyway, do give the set a try. You can download it here. You can follow the Evolvere project on Google +, and if you have an icon request, visit his Deviantart page.


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