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Today marked the first day of a two day Google extravaganza at the Input/output (I/O) event and Google have made the bold move in announcing their intention to ‘complete’ all areas of your life in a synchronized digital way.

Google launched today’s event with a 3 hour keynote presentation by unveiling ‘Android Auto’, ‘Android Wear’, ‘Android TV’ and ‘Android One’. With Google already knowing everything you do with your phone, tablet and the introduction of Glass it now seems Google also want control over your TV, your watch and even your car. If these new services are a success than Google will literally know everything you do, wear, go and see.

Google are pushing today’s announcements forward as merely an attempt to sync the important aspects of a user’s life allowing them to spend less time making decisions and instead simply be ‘assisted’ by the Google ecosystem. In short, connecting all the dots in your life, so that you have more time to enjoy your life.

For instance, your Google watch will wake you up in the morning and advise you of your daily meetings and tasks. Once you leave the house and get in your car the Android Auto system will immediately provide navigation to the meetings (which it already knows you have) while playing you your favorite Play Store tracks on-route. Once you return home after work you will be able to relax with Android TV making suggestions based on its prior knowledge while ordering a pizza (according to Google in under 20 seconds) using your watch.

There will be no doubt these services will aid and generally improve time management allowing users a more fluid Google experience. However, with the already highlighted privacy concerns with Glass and Google’s general access to data via your computer, phone and tablet, some critics will immediately see this as a further attempt on privacy. It is likely this will quickly be seen as a clear opportunity for Google to extend their spider-like legs to access and record your driving habits, TV viewings, the type of food you eat and generally every decision you make.

Privacy-invading or assisted freedom – what are your thoughts?


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