Will upcoming Chromebooks have reversible USB ports?

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The answer to your USB worries was presented in April this year in the name of the reversible USB dubbed USB Type-C. Unlike the present USB, the new Universal Design Bus design will be smaller and symmetrical. So you no more have to worry about the orientation and can smoothly slip it inside the slot without fumbling. Now the latest news is that Chrome developers are reportedly working on supporting the new USB. So suggests the recent commits to the Chromium source code.

While the cable connector in case of USB Type-C is around the same size as the ones floating in the market right now, it will be a redefined way to hook up peripherals.

According to omgchrome.com, the USB C ports will be boosting its port scalable power charging up to 100 watts. Not only that, the data data transfers speeds will be double to that of the current USB 3.0, up to 10 Gbps.

A Chromium enthusiast on Google+ even referred to the ports references, which talked about the job to update code to “fix type-C ports muxing”.

The HW signals to control the type-C ports muxing have changed between Fruitpie and Samus, update the code to match the HW. Also add the docking mux option and update the board muxing code to prepare for the automatic mode detection:
– the polarity will be determined by the PD code.
– the port muxing will be enable/disable by the common alternate mode PD  code.

Its great to see that Chrome developers are already working on technologies that we see soon in consumer space.

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