YouTube starts shaming ISPs for making its videos slow

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If you happen to experience blurring video or excessive buffering, Google-owned YouTube wants you to know that it’s probably because of your Internet service provider’s slow network.

Taking a cue from Netflix, YouTube has started its own Video Quality Report “shaming” ISPs for issues such as slow load-times and long periods of buffering.

The Google-owned company is dropping links to its report into videos in some countries (not globally though).


“Experiencing interruptions?” reads the message in a blue bar at the bottom of the content, as seen in the above screenshot.

Clicking “find out why” takes users to Google’s new website that talks about where, when and how videos can be throttled if ISPs can’t handle all the data pouring in.

“There are many factors that influence your video streaming quality, including your choice of Internet Service Provider (ISP). Learn how your ISP performs and understand your options,” it says.

The Video Quality Report was first rolled out in Canada by Google, which then expanded it to the U.S. and some other countries back in May.

Quartz reports that Google has “a strong interest in deflecting blame for poor video quality. The US government is considering new “net neutrality” regulations that could affect how information, particularly data-heavy streaming video, flows through the internet.”

It seems the company wants users to place more of the responsibility on something other than YouTube and Google for streaming issues.

ISPs, on the other hand, blame video services like YouTube and Netflix, which account for a growing portion of Internet traffic.

Do you think this naming and “shaming” have any impact? Let us know in the comments below.

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