Operating System U: a new Linux, Wayland based operating system

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We all want control in our lives. That’s a lot of what makes us human. We take a lot of measures to customize the elements in our lives. But we have no choice but to surrender far too much power to our computers’ operating systems.

I’m not a big fan of Windows 8 and other big-name OS blasting us with major changes. We don’t get a chance to request changes or approve them, and we end up having to adjust, often to things we don’t want anyway. If they change the makeup of our desktop, they’re going too far.

All I can say is, sometimes when you see a problem and you don’t see a fix, that’s when you start a company. And there’s a long tradition of companies being started to make something the founders wanted to see.

Enter Operating System U, OSu. It’s not Ohio State University with a lower-case “u.” The “u” is for you, the one reading this, and the one wishing to control your operating system. The standout thing about OSu is how much customization it gives to the user. That’s our mission and our statement. (It also happens to be our mission statement, but I’m done with little jokes).

OSu is Linux-based. It boasts a Wayland display server, which I love because it squashes clunky xorg extensions and renders directly. We’re also looking at starlight and customization through GUI’s.

What we’re hoping for is to deliver the system to people pre-loaded in laptops. We’re aspiring to retail partnerships that put us on a level playing field with some of the big boys who have their own agreements with the big box stores.

We have a great team—though I may be a bit biased—and we’ve done the coding and have a lot of the guts in place. But we’re still doing some development and we’re about to launch a Kickstarter campaign—July 22nd to be exact. We’re looking to raise $250,000, ambitious, but doable.

I’m proud of what we’ve done so far, just getting things going. We know a lot of the hard work is still ahead of us, but an OS that puts the user in control is something I deeply believe in, and that commitment is what’s going to get us through.

Authored by Andrew Bernstein

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