US military to use Iron Man suits by 2018?

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Iron Man saving the US President. Iron Man saving the earth from a lethal attack. Iron Man flying off in the air with a passenger bus to protect them from getting crushed. Didn’t you ever wish Iron Man was real and not just a fictional character? The news is that the US military is thinking on the same lines.

On Friday, The Wall Street Journal reported fresh details about the work being done on creating an Iron Man suit for the US military. The suit is being dubbed as TALOS and will reportedly have a weapon, will be bullet-proof, monitor body vitals and give the wearer super powers, both in terms of strength and perception. The report also stated that biggies like Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics are getting involved in the project along with some small companies.

Legacy Effects, which developed the Iron Man suit for the Hollywood flick, will be assisting in designing and printing 3D prototypes.

Reportedly, the suit will weigh approximately 400 pounds, out of which 365 pounds will be for the batteries to power its functions. An amount of $10 million has already been spent on the project, which the military wants erect by 2018.

Source: TheVerge

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