Dropbox releases version 2.11.0 for Linux client

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Here’s some good news for Linux users of Dropbox. Dropbox, the popular file hosting servicem, has rolled out an all new development release of the Dropbox 2.11.0 for Linux client. Along with it come a renewed user interface and a number of changes, bugfixes and enhancements.

According to the release notes, Dropbox 2.11.0 comes with a totally revamped user interface (UI) for its Linux and Windows versions. Not only that, it also has file identifiers and a brand-new headless setup flow, especially for the Linux edition.

Users of the new Dropbox 2.11.0 will witness quicker upload times when dealing with small files. The new update also includes an updated splash screens and Finder icon overlays.

Those interested can download Dropbox 2.11.0 for Linux, Dropbox 2.11.0 for Windows and Dropbox 2.11.0 for Mac OS X from this page. However, you should consider that this is an unstable version and should not be tested on production machines, for the fear of unforeseen bugs.

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