LibreOffice-from-Collabora 4.2 released to the channel

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LibreOffice from Collabora is the enterprise-ready build of the widely used Open Source office suite. The newly announced LibreOffice-from-Collabora 4.2 provides an enterprise-hardened build which can be maintained by patch updates for many years.

It comes with code level support Service Level Agreements, which implies that it can be deployed in mission critical line-of-business environments with confidence in its security, stability and the availability of support.

According to the company, its Open Source / Open Standards / Open Future approach is appealing to many organisations.

“Both the private and public sectors have been questioning the long-term viability of proprietary derived file formats, and are looking again at the widely recommended move to Open Document Format,” according to Michael Meeks of Collabora Productivity Ltd.

The latest version offers enhanced accessibility on Windows (IAccessible2); the ability to print the comments in the margins; Microsoft Office legacy and OOXML filter improvements; and also statistics functions added to the spreadsheet.

It also features a new cell storage structure that enables hardware-accelerated parallel calculations and many adjustments that improve spreadsheet speed and scalability.

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