Want to root your device? Try xda’s new root directory

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Have you rooted your device yet? If you answered yes, then I am sure you are aware of how daunting this can be for new users. For those that answered no, there are usually two reasons for not rooting – never heard of ‘rooting’ or simply too scared to root.

If you have never heard of rooting, this refers to gaining root access to your device. Out of the box all devices are locked to a specific network and typically do not offer the user much negotiation with its features. However once rooted a device literally opens-up and allows the user to access all files on the device including those hidden away as system files. By accessing the root level of a device the user is suddenly able to install new apps, features and even completely change the operating system (OS) by flashing a new ROM.

Ever heard of CyanogenMod (CM), Paranoid Android (PA) or OmniROM? Well rooting is usually the first step needed to be able to install most of these ROM’s.

There is one problem though with rooting and this is the dangers involved. Which neatly brings us to our second group who answered no – those too scared to root. Rooting is an extremely unstable procedure and moreso for those who have never rooted before. By rooting a device the user can damage their device and in the most extreme cases brick the device. As the term suggests ‘bricking’ means the phone becomes useless…or simply as useful as a brick. These dangers usually result in the more timid users avoiding rooting. If you are one of these users then fear not.

xda-developers.com is typically the go-to-guide for all users who have or intend to root. This is a website set up by developers and provides invaluable information and instructions on a number of device issues. XDA have realized how difficult it can be sometimes to find the correct instructions, files and downloads. To try and help, XDA have launched a ‘root directory’ to provide assistance and streamline through the mountains of information available. Now users can simply head over to the XDA-Developers Root Directory and instantly find the most correct and up-to-date method to root their specific device. The directory is divided into device manufacturer and then further sub-divided by device models making it very easy to find the correct and most relevant information.

This directory should make it far easier (and safer) for those new to rooting. For the expert rooters out there this will also be a great directory to simply find the files needed for your latest rooting project.

Now for the disclaimer – Please do remember rooting can be dangerous…even with the best intentions and instructions. So if you do root you do so at your own risk. You should also be aware that in nearly all cases rooting can void your warranty. So if you are still under warranty than probably best not to root.

So…Have you rooted your device yet?

For those who have answered no – what are you waiting for?

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