Celebrate Chromecast’s first birthday with 3 months Google Play Music free

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Today marks the first birthday of Chromecast and by all estimations it seems to have been a very good year for the baby device. Google claim the device has been ‘cast’ over 400 million times in its first year and is currently on sale through 30,000 stores across 20 countries.

For those of you who don’t know about Chromecast, put simply, it is a small HDMI dongle which allows users to stream content from the likes of Netflix, HBO GO, Hula, WatchESPN and other media apps directly to their HDTV. Chromecast allows streaming from Android, iOS devices as well as directly from laptops.

It also seems Chromecast has big plans for the year ahead too.

We’re not done yet. In the coming months, we’ll be making more updates, like the ability to allow others to cast to your TV without needing to be on the same WiFi network, and a customizable homescreen with personal photos or beautiful art”.

To celebrate its first birthday Google today announced they will be offering all Chromecast owners three months of their Google Play Music subscription absolutely free. The subscription typically costs $9.99 per month and as standard all new users are offered the first month free. So in effect you will only be getting two additional months free. The offer is open to all owners who have purchased the unit within the last year and can be redeemed by clicking here. If you have not already purchased the device than don’t worry. Google also announced that the offer will run from today until September 30th 2014 and all purchases in this time will be able to redeem the free Play Music subscription.

The only caveat is this offer is ONLY available to those who do not already have an All Access (Play Music) subscription. If you have already signed up to the subscription than sorry folks it seems like you won’t be taking part in the celebration – even if you did purchase the Chromecast. Also do bear in mind that after the free 90 days you will automatically be converted to a paid subscription and billed the $9.99 per month. So make sure you cancel before the 90 days unless you want to pay to continue.


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