Chrome Beta receives dedicated Material Design updates

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Today Google announced Chrome Beta has received a relatively major update. Chrome Beta is the testing version of Chrome. To all purposes it is the same as Chrome although the Beta version incorporates all the small tweaks and experimental aspects Google are testing. By using the Beta version the user gets a first glimpse at features which quite likely will be available on the standard Chrome and also provides Google with the necessary test data.

Today on the Chrome blog Google announced Beta had received an update which included multiple Material Design updates. These may be small at first with minor tweaks to the appearance, function and design however these will eventually manifest into the complete Material Design based Chrome ready for Android L.

The blog does not really comment on what the updates are specifically except that these are included with Material Design in mind. Images released by Google do suggest that the Material Design updates include the more L based look and general appearance of data.


In addition to the updates for Material Design Beta also includes a simplified sign-in, multiple bug fixes and performance improvements.

Beta can be downloaded directly from the Play Store (with the new updates) by clicking here. This simply is an alternative to Chrome standard although as it is a Beta it is always best to be prepared for minor issues or bugs. Knowing Google this won’t be too much of an issue to be fair. Beta can also be downloaded for your desktop if interested although at the moment there is no confirmation the desktop version has received the same update. To download the desktop version than head over to the Chrome Beta download page.

If you want to read the blog in full than you can by heading over to the main blog release or by visiting the full Chrome blog thread. If you do try Beta and do notice any bugs than you can report them to Google directly by clicking here.

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