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One of the great pleasures or rooting is the ability to customize and tweak to an almost endless degree. Android devices are quite privileged in this respect and once root access is achieved users have the opportunity to make their device truly their own.

Customizing rooted devices typically involves downloading root access apps and themes which once installed perform actions that would not be possible on non-rooted devices. However this usually involves downloading entire apps which take up valuable space and computing power. What the rooting world really needs is the ability to install some kind of overall framework which would further allow only the essential elements or modules of an app to be installed. For instance you want a torch feature on your phone. Well, wouldn’t it be easier if instead of downloading an entire torch app which has to run and consume battery and data you could simply install a module which patches the LED function without any additional bloatware. If only we had such a framework…

Oh wait, we do!

Xposed framework really is revolutionary in terms of what it means to customise your device and does so in such a lightweight manner that it has quickly become a staple of the rooting world. We recently compiled a list of five must-have apps for rooted devices and although Xposed is not an actual app it made number two on the list as it is an essential install for all rooted users.

If you haven’t got the idea yet then what Xposed does is simple. This is a framework which when installed on your device allows you to download and install ‘modules’. These modules are in essence fragments of apps, the good stuff, pure functions without the dressing up in app form or additional bloatware and advertising. Modules are developed and uploaded to the Xposed depository and the user can simply download and install them. In short, minor tweaks and adjustments which result in big changes to the end-user. Another quick example of its simplicity is with YouTube. Everyone is tired of the numerous adverts on YouTube and yet we all understand why they exist. However by downloading YouTube AdAway via the Xposed installer this module simply restricts YouTube from playing the ads to the user. This is the Xposed framework’s greatest power. It doesn’t install apps but simply add-ons which integrate with your existing apps (and system) to achieve results you want.

Sound too good to be true? Well, its not. Xposed is an excellent addition to the open-source market and certainly one which should be tried by anyone who has rooted their device. Now a warning is needed for this. Xposed is extremely powerful. After all this is why you are thinking of installing it. Xposed has the ability to change the core system of your device and with such power there are inevitably consequences for misuse. You can seriously damage your device with Xposed so as always, you have been warned. Install at your own risk and knowing the consequences.

Still want it? Of course you do!

Installing Xposed is a relatively simply process but to avoid any unwanted issues we will go through this in steps. There are no major requirements needed for Xposed although you do obviously have to be rooted and should be running at least Android 4.0.3

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