Google+ Update brings support for Chromecast

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As a rule of thumb Google typically offer updates to its services and products on Wednesdays. However google+ was given a surprise update today with a neat albeit a debatable limited update.

From today the Google+ app has been updated from Android 4.4 to 4.5. With this increment advance comes support for Chromecast. Now users can cast their Google+ circles, images and videos directly on to their big screen. This update came as a bit of a surprise to everyone with no official announcements or heads-up given either publicly or in the Changelog. One would expect Google would be quite happy to announce increased support for Chromecast and as such this was seen as a silent-surprise offering by them.

However whether there is actually any meaningful use to this addition is unclear. Users can use the Google+ app to control and pause the Google+ feed on the TV although navigation and other expected features seem to be a little limited at the moment. Whether this is just an initial crossover period with more functionality to come later is not known. This also maybe the reason there was no official announcement provided.

So if you have (or do) update your Google+ app you should notice a small cast icon is now available. If you don’t see the icon yet then don’t worry. It seems devices and accounts are being constantly updated and it will only be a matter of time before you notice the icon. Of course you need a device that can cast and Chromecast to use the service.

On a side note and for those who care YouTube, Chrome (Beta) and Google Search also received updates. However these are relatively minor in comparison to the Google+ update with no notable features offered and largely consisting of bug and performance fixes.

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