Munich Might Turn to Windows

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Munich city maybe about to revert to using Windows after getting complaints from the OS’s users that they are unable to share files easily with people outside the city due to program incompatibilities.

Munich currently advises people to use LiMux that is currently based on Kubuntu 10.04 LTS and as it ships with programs such as LibreOffice, it’s users found it difficult to share documents, made in the suite, to users of Microsoft’s proprietary offering, Office.

Up until now, the programme has seemed like a success as German media where getting reports from the council there that the switch had meant savings of €10 million over the duration of the migration. Upgrading to Windows 7 and Microsoft Office would have cost an estimated €34 million where as going the open-source route cost only €23 million.

Peter Hofmann, project manager for the City of Munich said:

“By combining the low costs and freedom of open source software with ongoing support for the hardware and applications we need, it was one of the critical elements to the success of this project. Most important was the backing of our politicians throughout the project.”

Due to the new concerns however the city’s new leadership have set up an independent investigation to make a case for use of open-source in Munich, which, if turns out badly, could mean Munich reverting back to using Windows.

Due to the problems that are occurring, people are beginning to question whether the costs for support in the long run will end up meaning the city pays more than it would have, had it gone with the Microsoft solution.

No date has been given for when we will hear the panel’s feedback but hopefully Munich can come up with a feasible plan to keep open-source solutions running on their machines, maybe go with RedHat? They offer professional support.

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