Flappy Birds sequel ‘Swing Copters’ hits the Play Store

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Calling all Flappy Birds addicts.

Have you recovered from your Flappy Birds experience? Are you no longer grabbing your phone at every opportunity and trying to navigate your bird passed those pesky pipes? Do you miss it?

Well, prepare yourself!

The sequel to one of the most annoying and frustrating games ever to hit the Android world is here. The mastermind behind Flappy Birds, Dong Nguyen this morning launched his newest creation ‘Swing Copters’ on the Play Store. Yes folks, Flappy Birds is back albeit in a new guise.

If you don’t know about Flappy Birds, then where have you been? This was one of the most frustration and addictive games ever in spite of its rather unimpressive and simplistic graphics and game-play. Users simply navigated a bird across the screen by tapping the screen. The game became such a success that it was at one point grossing over $50,000 in ad revenue alone. However back in February Nguyen pulled the game from the app stores due to a torrent of abuse he received from frustrated users.

One would have thought Nguyen would have learned his lesson by now but it seems he has returned with an equally frustration game. Swing Copters was released this morning and since then has already been downloaded over 6000 times and after giving the game a go I can certainly report this is harder than Flappy Birds. The premise is rather the same although instead of a bird you are a small helicopter and by repeatedly tapping the screen you have to navigate the copter vertically passed swinging hammers.


It seems I am not the only one having issues with the game either. Swing Copters is already trending on Twitter with users proud to post that they have earned a single point. Even the leaderboard for the game shows Nguyen himself only managed to reach a dizzy height of eight points.

So the question is how good do you think you are? Are your ready for the challenge? If you think you are then you can download the game by following the link to the Play Store. If Flappy Birds was too much for you than maybe worth giving this one a miss as it is definitely harder.

Either way, let us know your thoughts…and your high scores.

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