Intel, Unity to bring Android support to x86 devices

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Intel has teamed up with Unity Technologies to advance the development of Android-based applications on Intel architecture. What that means is Unity-based code for games will now run faster as well as look great on a range of current and future Intel-based Android devices.

It is expected that the collaboration will help Intel accomplish its goal of selling 40 million tablet processor chips in 2014, and it will also turn Unity into an even bigger platform for games.

According to an official statement, “The agreement accelerates Intel’s mobility push as millions of developers using the Unity development platform can now bring native Android games and other apps to Intel-based mobile devices. Unity adds support for Android across all of Intel’s current and future processors including both the Intel Core and Intel Atom processor families.”

Unity will ensure Intel product enhancements, including both graphics and CPU performance improvements and features, will be integrated into future releases of the Unity 4 and Unity 5 product lines.

“We’ve set a goal to ship 40 million Intel-based tablets this year and expect more than 100 Android tablet designs on Intel in the market by the end of this year,” said Doug Fisher, Intel corporate vice president and general manager of the Software and Services Group. “Our collaboration with Unity will give its nearly 3 million developers the necessary software tools and support to build amazing Android experiences on Intel architecture.”

“Unity is used by half of all mobile game developers, and many of them have been asking for increased support for Intel-based devices running Android,” David Helgason, CEO, Unity Technologies added.

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