OnePlus phones will soon come to India

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Last month we reported on how OnePlus were making clear indications they do intend to sell the One in India. Today it is fair to say that the speculation is certainly over and OnePlus will certainly be selling in India soon.

On the OnePlus website the company is now advertising for a General Manager for its ‘India Operations’. As the company does not currently sell or deliver to India there is no clearly message the company could have sent to indicate this will soon change in the near future.

We’ve seen tremendous interest from India in the OnePlus One, but to enter the market we’ll need the help of a local visionary. You will be the sun, the light that leads OnePlus into the Indian market; the center of orbit for all projects, operations, and service; the ambassador that spreads the OnePlus brand across India like a wildfire”.

We recently reported how OnePlus fully understood demand in India was significantly higher than they had anticipated or expected even going so far as to state “India ranks eight in the world in terms of traffic trying to buy the One”. To put this into perspective this is higher than a significant number of the countries to which the device is actually available.

The original blog acknowledging India’s clear interest was literally four weeks ago and now with a job vacancy available for a ‘local visionary’ already being actively advertised highlights how quickly OnePlus are responding to new and emerging markets. This is also likely to be a good indication in terms of the timeline before the one will become available to India. If they appoint someone soon (as expected) than you can expect availability to quickly follow.

What is less clear is whether India will be subjected to the same notorious invite system the West has had to endure. Unlike North America and Europe, the One has been far more accessible in terms of availability in China and the very fact they are advertising for an India-specific GM highly suggests the OnePlus will be available via a more traditional sell-through system.

If you are interested in the position than below are the basic requirements listed.

  • Fluent in English & Hindi. Intimate understanding of India’s unique geographies and cultures.
  • Degree from a top school, PMP certification preferred.
  • 6+ years of general management experience working for a tier-1 company.
  • Deep understanding of operations, finance, marketing, and logistics.
  • Expertise/Experience in: ecommerce, logistics, customer service, marketing, mobile products.
  • Proven leader with vision, resourcefulness, intellect, and humility.
  • Tech enthusiast, intimately familiar with mobile trends, industry and competitive dynamics.
  • Strong analytical ability; data-driven approach to understanding and solving problems.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset, independent thinker, can manage effectively under stress.

It is worth noting OnePlus stress that “Personality counts as much as experience” and as such even if you don’t think you fit the bill exactly it is still probably worth trying your luck.

To read the vacancy in full or apply for the position than head over to the OnePlus website or click here.

Good luck and get ready India – the One is on its way.


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